Sunday, September 12, 2010

Shoe No. 9: Ichigo Tan Platforms

Late last year, I was able to discover my hidden love for platforms. 
I was a stiletto girl for the longest time.
I hated chunky heels and wedges. The only thing I tolerate our slim wedges.

But after much thought, I realized that platforms and chunky heels are a joy to walk on.
And so I started my love story with them.

This is not the first platforms that I bought. In fact I already bought a pair of two before this darling but they are my favorite now. I love the gold stud details on the heels. Unfortunately some of them fell off already.

This particular pair is from Ichigo by the way. I got them on sale for less than Php500. Totally unbelievable. This baby went to Coron with me. Its the first pair of heels I brought and wore with me on an airplane ride. I used to travel with flat shoes before but I'mm changing gears now. :)